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Throwback: Copenhagen Fashion Week AW 16

Did you attend the Copenhagen fashion week and see any cool designers to showcase their work? Copenhagen Fashion Week ’16 is gone, but we wanted to do a sum-up on what happened behind the Unfair Fashion scene during the fashion days.

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Why Emilie Svensson only uses polyester?

We have at Unfair just introduced the hashtag #monomaterial and in this connection we have spoken with designer Emilie Svensson about how she uses this sustainable approach in her brand.
#MonoMaterials are materials made of only one type of fibre so that it is easy to recycle into new fabrics. The aim is to preserve the fabric as a mono-material so that it can remain uncontaminated for recycling forming a closed-loop system of production.

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Recycled Cellulose fibers are the future of sustainable fabrics

The future of sustainable materials will be all about using what we’ve already got. Fashion giant H&M have already deemed closed loop systems the future.

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“I need to plant a seed” - Interview with Isaac from Don Devida

Isaac Vasquez (IV) is a man of many talents, and one of them is to tell touching stories through beautiful pictures. He is the owner of the brand Don DeVida and we took the chance to ask him some questions about his brand, his vision and his photos.


The Empathy Paradox

The founder of Bowery and Fourth, Sarah Louise Hansen tells a short story about the relationship with her tailors in Dubai. In spite of cultural barriers and prevalent class differences, she puts great effort in getting to know her tailors and treating them with respect and kindness.

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Startup Safary

Are you an Entrepreneur or do you dream about being one? There is plenty of Inspiration, Knowledge and Network to obtain when Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark during Week 47 kicks off with more than 150 Events spread throughout the Country.

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