“I need to plant a seed” - Interview with Isaac from Don Devida

Interview by: Johanne Stenstrup (JS)

JS: What made you shift from Photography to Fashion?

IV: I was interested in fashion many years before I started photography. Around 12-14 years old, a dream of having my own clothing brand grew in my mind. I loved to sew my own ideas at school, much more than working with wood - Opposite of the sewing class were the wood-shop, where all the boys loved to work. During my youth, I tried for fun to create my own clothes, by screen printing my last name on them and selling to my friends.

All those years I also played music and played basketball and I always said, “when I manage to become a star one day I’ll use my money to launch my own clothing brand.” IT was a dream THAT was always there. 

Then later on during my 3 years at the University, studying graphic design I bought my first camera and during my last year I realized I didn’t want to work with graphic design for a commercial company promoting ideas and morality I couldn’t stand for. So I brought my old dream to life by using every opportunity in school to develop my fashion branding ideas.

JS: How important do you think good imagery is when selling fashion? And even more when selling the stories behind the garments?

IV: I think its super important to talk about and send your message through good pictures. We live in a fast information time and with good pictures you can catch your audience attention in a quick way just through a picture. It is also a good opportunity to stand out. In Scandinavia the fashion brands are very similar to each other because of the simple scandinavian style and it can be hard to stand out. But branding yourself differently is a good way I think, both through your message and images. We can touch more souls deeply that way, and not just sell a product to earn money. That is not cool anymore, we need to be conscious as brands about our communication.

I mean look at the world? It’s enough now.

Inspire others to reach higher consciousness and be aware of every step, let them become your brand, be your brand, breath it, be their best friend.

JS: You work with different charity projects. Why is this important for you?

IV: I believe I am lucky to live in Scandinavia without any economic issues. I´ve always had food on my table and a roof over my head, something that many of my family members has struggled with in South America. I want to use my opportunities of living here, to help other that don’t have the same. I have seen deep poverty both in my own family and others. My mother told me stories of her deep struggles my whole life and she was always helping both friends and strangers that crosses her way by bringing people home with love and help as well. So for me it is a must to give back, try to give what I had to people in less fortune areas. I have to continue what my mother has done, but I want to make it bigger, and later on my children make it bigger than me and so on.

JS: Through your journey, which project has touched you the most?

IV: My travel to Peru this year. To meet these children in need, being there and understanding their life, and their parent’s life (the cotton farmers). This trip was a big educational journey in every aspect. Socially, getting to know myself much more since I traveled alone; to learn about the cotton and the people involved; to learn about fabrics and organic products, other sustainable opportunity; getting to know the country and its culture. It was also a big step for my Photography skills, so much inspiration for my brand after the trip.

JS: Don de vida’s projects seems to take place all over the world, but you are based in Scandinavia - How do you juggle running a business and being involved in all these projects?

IV: That is a good question. I hope soon I can find a prefect partner because its a lot to do for a one man army. And my vision is to big to do it all by myself. But I try to think it’s just now and keep on fighting. I need to plant a seed and with time, I will find the opportunities to grow and have people who believe in me, working with me and for me. That’s why I quit my day-job during my trip, to be able to have time to do everything now that I’m back home.

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