Startup Safary

By: Diana Engel

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a worldwide initiative that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship. In Denmark the campaign is held during week 47, November 16 - 22, 2015.

It is the first time that Startup Safary Copenhagen is taking place in Denmark and with this context. You can check the start-up ecosystem and grab the tickets here.

During the two-day event you can visit startups, accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces all around the city and meet their founders and team members.


Starting up your own company is tough business and it will be even harder if you don’t have an equity you are willing to bet. If you haven’t saved up money there are different ways to begin with it now, and crowdfunding is one of them.

It is one of the new ways to engage the future customers; and can be a great opportunity for a new brand. At the same time it fits well into the idea of sustainability because in this process you need to be completely transparent about intentions.

But Crowdfunding is not always a fair-game. Those who have made it know something that others don't. What are the unwritten rules and what is important to know before you ask the masses about money this is something which will be focused on during the week.

From our very own members of Unfair Fashion we can proudly point out how Agurk Studio managed successfully to finance their first production through a cool kickstarter campaign.

The Entrepreneur DNA and other Models

Entrepreneurship is a tough trip. You can’t study how to become an entrepreneur. It’s learning by doing. But it is still the best job you will ever have because there is no greater freedom than being self-employed.

An entrepreneur's DNA usually consists of the ability to resist resistance, to network and to maintain self-management. To have a greater chance for your business to succeed requires that you consider your idea thoroughly. Here you can make use of the Lean Canvas Method. By completing the nine sections in chronological order you get through all considerations about your idea before you throw a lot of money into it.

Most important for your business is a large and resounding WHY. Why should people buy this product and why is it different from that of your competitors? Few companies know why they exist. It’s meant for you to consider and work based on a why, then a how and a what. In this way your intension is something other than profit, which creates customer loyalty and trust. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

If your business comes from the heart and you really believe in your project then it will be easier to influence others to do it too.

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week Denmark!


Unfair Fashion is a part of the Startup Safary Copenhagen - for more information about the Safary check out our event the 19th November 2015. Not only do we celebrate our birthday, we also launch our coveted Best Practice Guide, which will lead designers, students and professionals towards the best examples of sustainable fashion out there. Unfair Fashion is featured in the first edition of Startup Safary Copenhagen, and we would love to celebrate it with you during KPH Pagne Safary together with a long row of startups! We have cake, enthusiasm and an introduction to Unfair Fashion.

Come and celebrate that Unfair Fashion is now 2,2 years old. This is the age where things start to happen and the appetite for cake kicks in. Be sure to come have a piece.



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