Throwback: Copenhagen Fashion Week AW 16

This year Unfair Fashion wanted to take the opportunity to showcase Unfair Fashion Members work, as well as part of their story. We made a social media campaign focusing on the Unfair Fashion Members and what was happening during the fashion week. We wanted to show pictures from their journey as well as inspire others about what’s going on during the week. It was a great way to show people the behind the scenes in the life of a fashion start up.


Most Unfair Fashion members were showcasing at Revolver CPH  - an independent fashion trade representing leading contemporary designer driven fashion brands from Scandinavia alongside likeminded quality brands from outside the region.


A big Thank You to No Sleep Until June, Black Rat and Agurk Studio who shared some moments with us from their busy days! 



Who: No Sleep Until June

What: A seasonless label where the collections are numbered instead of labeled as spring/summer and fall/winter. Where the collections merge into each other and selected styles from the previous collection will be carried into the next. So when you buy something from No sleep until June you buy something that is created to last.

Check them out:




Who: Black Rat

What: Label aims to be as sustainable as possible. They believe that you should know what you are wearing, where it comes from, what it is made of and who's sewn it all together. The fabric qualities are mainly natural fibers such as bamboo, organic cotton and wool. All of them are certified, of course. 

Check them out:





Who: Agurk Studio

What: Brand that creates feminine street-wear inspired by 80s vintage sports clothing. It is all about experimenting with design, materials and colors – all mixed in prints, patchwork and new silhouettes. The design universe is humorous and down to earth, as the collections contain stories interpreted in prints as well as casual elegance shown in a love of white shading colors.

Check them out:




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