The Agape collection is a small limited edition and 100% organic t-shirt collection, 50 copies of each colour, made with a clean Scandinavian design inspired by the felt but unseen love from above. We believe that the fuel that gets us going and act upon our dreams is inspiration and the key to inspiration lies in the field of Agape, the field of True Love. It is within the understanding of Agape that we can face our fears, find peace and live in True Harmony.


sustainable vision

With our roots in a country like Sweden we see it as our duty to help our fellow humans in any way we can, especially those who are living in less fortunate areas of the world. Therefor we have chosen to work with charity projects in various ways as a part of our marketing strategy even though we also aim to be a profitable business. With a conscious mind in its branding DON DEVIDA strives to constantly find new ways to produce its clothing in the most sustainable way possible. This is done by demanding a fair trade business with everyone involved, using organic cotton fabrics in diverse collections and reaching to find all possible ecological methods to obtain a clean and high quality finished product.

#organic #nochildlabour #certified #EmotionalDesign


DON DEVIDA is a Swedish-born symbol, network and clothing brand established in early 2014 by the designer and photographer Isaac Vasquez. DON DEVIDA┬┤s purpose is to help people in need through charity projects and inspire the world through art and design by conjuring thoughts of self-realization, love and unity. Through our clothes and projects we strive to give our audience the possibility to make an influence in the world and be a part of our family by wearing, sharing and caring about our message. We stand stronger as one and together we can make mother earth a better place for us all to live in.