Unfair Fashion vs. Sustainability

Unfair Fashion has integrated the concept of the Triple Bottom Line into its view of sustainability and believes that designers should consider issues relating People, Planet and Profit. We want to see brands do good rather than just do less bad.

The road towards a sustainable business can be challenging, and Unfair Fashion’s mission is to create the space for sustainable development for brands. Unfair Fashion aims to help brands achieve their sustainable visions.

Unfair Fashion believes that increased transparency is key in promoting sustainability and supporting brands in changing. Openness and sustainability should be the norm rather than a niche. In other words, transparency is the new green — a tool that we can use to work for an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable industry.

Transparency is a fundamental value for Unfair Fashion, and therefore we strongly encourage our designers to adhere to transparent communication practices. It is not a demand that designers are completely sustainable in their production, but it is important that they have a vision of sustainability. This vision should be communicated and information about products should be transparent.

Information on considerations and decisions that have been made regarding sustainability on each product can complement the usual information about type of clothing, size, colour and material. Furthermore, the care of product and further disposal has a great environmental impact, and guidance from the brand can diminish this a great deal.

Unfair Fashion welcomes brands that have a sustainable vision and take a stand on the societal and environmental impact of their products.