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About us


Unfair Fashionis an initiative established to provide upcoming Nordic fashion designers with a creative and encouraging networking and interactive platform.

Our aim is to support the new generation of design talents with viable and sustainable aspirations. We give the designers the opportunity to promote themselves, experiment, evolve and expand their business and network within the industry.

Despite the fact that the fashion industry is characterised by values such as innovation and creative thinking, it continues to operate in a traditional way, making it one of the most polluting industries in the world. Unfair Fashion wants to create a new sustainable movement where innovation revolutionizes outdated processes within the industry.

Unfair is offering a versatile, unconventional and nuanced take on the fashion industry as it evolves in the Nordic region and in the rest of the world.

To be a progressive Nordic platform and community that contributes to a cultural and behavioural change in the fashion industry.

To create a movement within the fashion industry. We want to be the leading exposure and knowledge sharing platform for upcoming fashion designers in the Nordic region.

Empowerment of Nordic upcoming and innovative designers with viable and sustainable aspirations.


The different Unfair’s eventsare open to all. During COPENHAGEN FASHION WEEK the designers get the opportunity to showcase and promote their works while establishing new networks.

Unfair is not only a showcase for professionals, but we also an inspiration for a broad audience. We see fashion as an integral part of the cultural ecosystem rather than as an isolated phenomenon. Therefore Unfair welcomes other arts and design genres and wishes to create an atmosphere of co-existence, integrity, edge and innovative thinking.

Unfair’s digital platform connects the network and unifies Unfair’s goals and visions.
It is a new and innovative way to network, share knowledge, promote and support the new generation of design talents.

The digital platform strengthens the community across the borders. It is an internal communication and networking platform where the designers can share knowledge and contacts with each other, seek guidance with experts focusing on business and sustainability. Furthermore it’s an open showcase and visual platform where designers can promote themselves to the customers, buyers and general audience.

Unfair has developed Industry Index — a collaborative knowledge platform that is constantly being developed based on Unfair’s network members’ knowledge and industry contacts to the whole value chain.

Unfair Fashion invites regularly to exciting network meetings, talks and workshops. Here we introduce a variety of themes and interesting speakers. Unfair’s community is open to all. The network is focused on upcoming designers and everyone who seeks personal and professional development as well as inspiring relationships with like-minded people with the same drive.


Unfair Fashion is a Nordic platform based in the Öresund region. Unfair takes a human-centered design and DIT (Do It Together) approach. We build bridges across borders connecting education, professionals and start-ups — we want to create an impact in the fashion industry in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Unfair Fashion is a Profit for Purpose organization and is led by a mission to achieve social, economic and environmental benefit with focus on sustainability through transparency.

Copenhagen UNFAIR (2006-2009) was founded by Nicolaj Spangaa and Anne Katrine Heje Larsen. In 2013 Charlotte Weber took over UNFAIR and founded Unfair Fashion with a new team dedicated to create and accelerate the Unfair’s vision and mission.